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…and it was! Even the weather obliged – hot, sunny skies with nary a breath of wind. The Tjjing Tjing rooftop bar was buzzing when we arrived; a vibey, mixed crowd kept the noise levels high competing with Pieter Koekemoer’s hectic playlist. The music was good.

Andy & Shaun, the Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants

It took a while to get drinks. The barmen were swamped with cocktail orders leaving no one free to fill simple beer or wine requests. It didn’t matter, there was a lot to take in while we waited. I recognised faces from Twitter but didn’t really know anyone other than my ‘date’ for the evening, Julie Carter from Ocean Jewels Fresh Fish… and the snogging couple in the corner.

Natalie Roos & Dan Nash

At first we sat demurely to one side watching the world go by. But when the food started to whizz by too, we relocated quickly. We ended up standing around a large central table on the decking outside, in the midst of all the action. As the waiters came past with trays of Tapas styled food, someone  would reach out and grab an arm, steering them in our direction. We had the system down pat. Trouble is, the food never stopped coming! Our initial fears of starvation were soon replaced by inward groans as wave after wave of beautiful food swept up the stairs towards us until we couldn’t even make eye contact with the servers.

Grass-Fed Beef Sliders

Scotch Quail Eggs

Braised Brisket & Corn Bread ‘Bunny Chow’

Chorizo Corndog

Malay Chicken Skewers

Sticky Pork Belly Skewers

Chilli Con Carne

Prosciutto & Fig Salad

Elvis Soldiers

It was a feast of note! Vanessa Marx, head chef at Dear Me, had done herself proud. She’d also done a sterling job of showcasing the quality products available from FFMM. And when the final dish had been cleared, she and her staff received a well deserved round of applause – and a drink!

Vanessa & Ilze

It was good to meet new people, people who are passionate about good food, good produce and good living. Julie and Andy Fenner bonded over business and shared ethics, while ‘Captain Bread’ kept us entertained with his dry humour and novel take on food styling…

Jason from Jason’s Bakery getting creative

The sun went down and as the air cooled so the groups got smaller, the talk more intimate and the tequilas more frequent. It was, as promised, the perfect way to wind down from the weekend: great venue, good music, quality food, cold beer and cool people. The simple things.

Dear Me

165 Long Market Street

Cape Town

Tel: 021 422 4920

Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants

8 Kloof Street

Cape Town

Tel: 083 303 9797

Tjing-Tjing Rooftop Bar

165 Long Market Street

Cape Town

tel: 021 422 4920


    • Hi Paul, unfortunately not, this was a special collaboration between Dear Me and FFMM. You should visit Dear Me – same chef, same gorgeous produce and rumour has it some of these dishes will soon be appearing on their menu!

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