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Whatnot & China Town

I’m no wheeler dealer. I don’t strike deals, push for discount or seek out bargains. I pay the advertised price and celebrate demurely (with my inside voice) if I feel I’ve received value for money. Strange then for me to be pushing a pensioner to cough up more for the espresso cups I was trying to pawn off on her!

It’s this shop, it has that effect. Sixteen tiny rooms crammed floor to ceiling, and then some, with relics from a bygone era – Eddi buys everything, and everything’s for sale.

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The Creamery



Happy days

For the past few Sundays I’ve found myself at The Creamery soaking up the clean, crisp interior, the salted caramel sauce and the overwhelmingly cheerful sense of community.  I’ve queued with the kids, grans and couples for my favourite flavour and sat outside watching the side streets ooze families from their depths, sending them streaming into the cafe. Kate Scheirer’s dessert cafe is a hive of activity, drawing people in with its promise of  nostalgic bonhomie and delectable classics.

James Taylor  the original Taylor ice cream churn (he now has a sibling, Taylor Swift)

The Creamery serves, in its own words: “honest-to-goodness, made-from-scratch, not-your-average ice cream”. Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and where not, they support local, artisanal businesses. They buy chocolate from CocoaFair and coffee from Rosetta Roastery, both of whom process imported beans with home-grown flair.

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