Day 31: Shut the front door

Day 31, the last day and I’d (almost) made it! I’d known for ages that today was going to be a battle against the clock. I had a few long-standing commitments, and finding time to paint was going to be a squeeze. To save time,… Read more

Day 30: Pushing up Daisies

It was strange to think that the challenge was almost over. Just as well though, as I was seriously running out of steam. I was hoping my exhaustion would contribute towards a looser style. A while ago I completed an online course with Dreama Tolle… Read more

Day 29: Chilies

Twenty ninth painting. What to paint? The struggle was now real. I was preparing dinner, when I realised I could put the chilies to better use. The red chilies were more interesting to paint than the green. Lesson learnt: Don’t forget to paint the reflected… Read more