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Mi casa, su casa

In January I’ll be participating in the STRADA Easel 31 day challenge, where I’ll create a daily painting from life (no photographic references or imagined images permitted) in the hopes of winning one of their magnificent easels.

Because in my head, all that stands between me and a perfectly  captured landscape is a STRADA easel.

To provide myself with enough time to paint without jeopardising my day job, I’ve decided to use my house and garden as reference. So each day I’ll be painting and posting a favourite aspect of my home.

Roll on 2019, my brush is poised and my home is (almost) at the ready!

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  1. moi

    loooove this and the whole idea – and what a perfect subject to paint – as your home oozes with such love and beauty – soooo loving it all and adore the paintings already done – those boats in the harbour stunning!!!!!

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