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Day 2: The ‘art’ of the home

This is proving to be a lot tougher than  I had anticipated. It took me most of yesterday to paint the tiny painting below, and I was concerned. How could I justify spending an entire day just painting? Then I remembered that I had taken leave to paint – to do exactly this. Mission accomplished, guilt abolished.

This is my kitchen as seen from the conservatory/ sunroom. My plan for today (day 3) is to sit against the washing machine and paint the spot where I spent most of yesterday. That’s the plan, still undecided on the medium.

I Googled ‘lessons in perspective’ prior to tackling this and can now inform you with complete authority that this is one point perspective. A simple, straight on view.  Today’s painting (if all goes to plan), should be the same.  I’ll tackle 2 and 3 point perspective when I’m good and ready.

I also did some reading up on grisaille – here I’ve only used it as a guide for tonal values, but with time permitting, I’d love to try and do it properly.

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