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Day 5: Blinded by the light

The intention was to capture the essence of this leafy display with just a few considered brush strokes of inspired colour. But four hours later I found myself lost in a confusion of blobby dawbs and ever-changing sunlight. I didn’t enjoy the process and the resultant painting sucks, but I have to post it as part of my learning curve.

I had stupidly placed myself in the exact same crappy lighting situation I had endured on day 4 – sitting in bad light, looking out into bright sunshine. I am obviously a slow learner.

By late afternoon I had to wrap my paintbrush in a band-aid to prevent the sun’s reflection from blinding me.  Even nature was begging me to stop!

At the end of the day I had to admit that my undertaking to paint scenes from my home each day was not going to work, not at this stage. I am too inexperienced to complete a daily painting of any worth while still learning about (structural) perspective and dealing with rapidly changing natural light. I need simpler subject matter and controlled lighting. I need still life!

The challenge to paint from life remains. But at least that life will be still, and I can control the elements!


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