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Day 6: The fruit of my labour

The joys of a controlled environment! Yesterday I was seriously doubting my ability to draw or paint, and after the fiddling fronds disaster, the thought of trying again made me sick to my stomach. Cue the still-life epiphany, and faith and balance have been restored. All in the world is rosy once more.

I’ve noticed that most of the #stradaeasel daily art uploaded to social media is still life. It makes sense, as most people have busy lives and don’t have the daylight hours available to them to paint – as will be the case for me when I return to work next week. I’ll be forced then to paint in the evening, so I may as well start now.

I found a cheap desk lamp, raided my fruit basket and linen draw (ironing basket, actually), and got comfy in my well-lit studio with Fine Music Radio and a glass of Calitzdorp’s finest for company. And I had all night to paint, with nary a change in the light . Bliss!

Finally, a piece I enjoyed painting, and that I’m happy to post.


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