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Day 9: Things go pear shaped

Oil on board – 20 x 20cm

I’ve been trying to find a way of shielding my subject from the overhead light (that I need to paint), in order to light it more dramatically – if that makes sense?

I rigged up a cardboard box to shield the pear, and had the light shining on it from the right. Unfortunately, it was also shining right across me and reflecting off my canvas. But I only figured that out once it was too late. As it is, I spent half the evening trying to raise my canvas to the height of the subject (MacGyvered with an eggbox, Prestick and a few trusty cable ties).

Check the glare…!

The background was a bitch and I got myself tied up into such knots, before pairing (haha) it down to basics in the finished painting. Although I do kinda like it just like this.

See erroneous lighting setup shining on my canvas!

I was running out of space to store my paintings, so spent the morning installing these planks, and I’m so chuffed with the result!

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