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Day 15: Strada-selfie

When I walked into my studio after dinner and dishes, I still had no idea what I was going to paint. I was so over the two-by-two fruit ‘n veg setup, so what next?

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Rough sketch and some tentative darks, done.

Note to self: must moisturise more frequently!

Either I’m a dead ringer for Jo Brand, or I’ve been watching too much QI.

Starting to add opaques to the transparent under-painting.

Throughout the challenge, this has been my favourite painting experience – it may be because the subject matter was so familiar, or maybe its because I’m comfortable painting portraits. Either way, I had fun with it! This is far more stylized than my usual portraits, but I love it. I may just be on to something here…

Lesson learnt: Don’t cover the entire under-painting. Work on achieving a balance of transparent and opaques.

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