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Day 16: Thorny subject

Work and painting were taking their toll, so I decided to give water colours another go – they require less effort to clean up, and I can sit for the duration. Also, my oil painting ‘station was a mess – the brushes and the pallet needed a deep cleaning, and I had some easel issues to resolve.

I was running out of inspiration for painting subjects, so my kids suggested I paint one of my succulents/ cacti.

I was so engrossed in the process that I forgot to take any pics of the various stages. I still have tons to learn about water colours, but I no longer feel as intimidated by them (despite the chaotic state of my paint box!). There is a lot to be said for good old practice.

Lesson learnt: Get to know your materials, understand their capabilities and how you can use them to develop your own style.

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