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Day 19: The war of the roses

This was a toughie as, from the get go, nothing went to plan. But I persevered – I’d gone to sooo much trouble for this little painting, and there was no way I was abandoning it.

Firstly, I ran around like a mad thing trying to find decent flowers to paint – nigh on impossible in this heat. I had to settled for a ‘three-bunches-for-the-price-of-two’ special from Pick n Pay. Say no more. It’s a miracle they made it home. Neither the type nor the colours were ideal, but they were flowers, and I was on a flowery roll (cue jaws music), or so I thought…

Then, I was determined to implement my ‘bright idea’ to improve the lighting, even though it meant unpacking an entire dresser and draping the tops of the (very high) doors with fabric. In the end it made no difference as I failed to capture the mood anyway, and it took forever to set up. Fail.

Finally, I mixed a new batch of medium, and mistook the thinners for turps. Because I was painting on a textured board I hadn’t painted on before, and even though I knew something was up, it took me a while to pin it down. Aargh! By then day 19 was rapidly running out of hours, there was no time to start over.

Once again, I wish I’d left more of the transparent colours showing through, though I suspect that’s going to take courage, which I am working on. It’s my word for 2019.

Roses are not my flower.

Lesson learnt: The painting that give me the hardest time, teaches me the most.

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