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Day 24: The Rooster

The rooster was a gift from my late sister and it lives in whichever room I spend the most time in. That used to be the kitchen (on a shelf where I could still see it from my lazy spot in the lounge), but thanks to the STRADA easel challenge, it now resides in my painting studio.

Getting to grips with the drawing, focusing on the negative shapes and their relation to one another. Trying to remember all I’ve learnt.

What to do with backgrounds, the bane of my life!

Under-painting done, time to hit the opaques – and try not to go overboard with them.

I may have shown a tad too much restraint! At least the rooster isn’t overworked and milky.

Lesson learnt: Shitty old brushes can still serve a purpose (texture on the rooster – not intentional, but I liked it, so I went with it).

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