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Day 28: Lilies

Today marks the end of four solid weeks of painting every, single day, and I am running out of inspiration!

By 8pm I had to start painting something,  so I grabbed the lilies from a mixed bunch in the lounge, and plonked them in this bottle, quietly trembling at the prospect of painting the glass.

The drawing was a breeze – for some reason I chose to do it in charcoal rather than paint as I usually do.

As you can tell, I have no idea what I’m doing with the glass, just trying to trust my eye without question. SO not easy to do.

Have a mentioned my thing about back grounds?!

I was so worried about the bottle, that painting the flowers barely registered with me, and I think they’re the better for it!

Lesson learnt: Don’t give up on a painting. Even if you don’t like where it’s going, just stick with it. You’ll learn from the process and, with time, the end result may grow on you.

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  1. Thanks Jo JO – just adored all the paintings and especially the comments on here as you dont see those on IG or FB – and loved seeing you paint in situ – with your gherkin container etc …hha…will be perusing the lot and will place mah order asap

    Love ya

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