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Day 31: Shut the front door

Day 31, the last day and I’d (almost) made it! I’d known for ages that today was going to be a battle against the clock. I had a few long-standing commitments, and finding time to paint was going to be a squeeze.

To save time, I chose to do a water colour and ink sketch of the entrance to my home. I love the lush greenery and dappled shadows.

I completed the rough sketch first…

… and added colour and detail later, when the shadows were at their peak.

Lesson learnt: Anything can be achieved with determination and good planning.


  1. Nomcebo

    Hi. I recently came across your stunning page. I’m into interior decor. So wanted to know if your art master pieces are for sale and go through which ones I would like (if it’s within my price range).

    • Hi Nomcebo, thanks for the praise and interest. A few of these are still available, and there are more recent works on Instagram (I’m a neglectful blogger). Please send me an email with the date/ title of the painting/s you’re interested in and I’ll get back to you with availability and prices.

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