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Tulbagh Arts Festival

Tulbagh, famous for the ‘wtf?’ earthquake of 1969, was the natural choice for yet another earth shattering event in the form of my ‘wtf-th?’ birthday. It was also the weekend of the Tulbagh Arts Festival, so I gathered the clan and we headed out to the country. Terry, an… Read more

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Local travels: Hermanus

It had been 15 years since our last reunion, a bunch of old varsity friends getting together for a major catch up to fill in the blanks left untold on Facebook. All we had were three days in Hermanus and we needed to make them count! Day 1: The Sisterhood gathers at La… Read more

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A fine kettle of fish

What to do in the middle of winter when you have the day off, the sky is deep blue and the sun just won’t quit? You take a quiet drive along the coast to remind yourself that you live at the ocean, with all it has to offer. It’s easy… Read more

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Potters Market, Rondebosch

This may not be about food, but it’s local and it’s food related. Pottery and ceramics play a vital role in presentation and deserve their share of the foodie spotlight. Twice a year, in early autumn and late spring, the Western Cape branch of Ceramics Southern Africa… Read more