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Nuts about chocolate mousse

My favourite chocolate mousse was the one my big sister used to make. It was sugary, chewy and lumpy – exactly the type of mousse you’d buy in those frosted metal parfait cups from any café or restaurant in every Portuguese town. She’d pried the recipe from a… Read more

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A fine kettle of fish

What to do in the middle of winter when you have the day off, the sky is deep blue and the sun just won’t quit? You take a quiet drive along the coast to remind yourself that you live at the ocean, with all it has to offer. It’s easy… Read more

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Gogo’s Deli and Black Pot Lamb

There’s a lot of hoopla on social media at the moment regarding Woolworths and their ethical and sustainability claims. I often shop at Woolies as it’s convenient, fits in with my busy work schedule and provides me with my butternut ready chopped – just the way… Read more