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Day 18: My sunflowers

My brushes were clean and dry, ditto my palette, it was oil painting time! I love having flowers in the house, but rarely buy them in summer as they don’t last. Today I couldn’t resist these gorgeous, wonky sunflowers. “Getting to know you, getting to… Read more

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Day 17: Girly stuff

My oil brushes were still drying, so I did a quickie water colour instead. I’m quite chuffed with how the reflective surfaces of the brushes turned out. I love the daintiness of this little cup and saucer, and it makes the perfect container for my… Read more

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Day 15: Strada-selfie

When I walked into my studio after dinner and dishes, I still had no idea what I was going to paint. I was so over the two-by-two fruit ‘n veg setup, so what next? Mirror, mirror on the wall… Rough sketch and some tentative darks,… Read more